Combined Sight and Sound Top 100 (or so)

27 07 2009

I’m always looking for this list, so I will post it here as a personal short-hand. This list combines the Critic’s List and the Director’s List and is in order, from greatest amount of votes to fewer (if not fewest – the list is actually more extensive if we want to include those titles that have only garnered two votes)

Citizen Kane – Orson Welles
Vertigo – Alfred Hitchcock
La Règle du Jeu – Jean Renoir
8 1/2 – Federico Fellini
The Godfather – Francis Ford Coppola
2001: A Space Odyssey – Stanley Kurbrick
Tokyo Story – Yasujiro Ozu
The Godfather Part II – Francis Ford Coppola
Seven Samurai – Akira Kurosawa
Rashomon – Akira Kurosawa

Battleship Potemkin – Sergei Eisenstein
Singin’ in the Rain – Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly
Sunrise – F.W. Murnau
The Searchers – John Ford
Lawrence of Arabia – David Lean
The Passion of Joan of Arc – Carl Dreyer
Bicycle Thieves – Vittorio DeSica
La Dolce Vita – Federico Fellini
Touch of Evil – Orson Welles
L’Avventura – Michelangelo Antonioni

À Bout de Souffle – Jean-Luc Godard
Jules et Jim – Francois Truffaut
Dr. Strangelove – Stanley Kurbrick
Raging Bull – Martin Scorsese
L’Atalante – Jean Vigo
Sunset Boulevard – Billy Wilder
Psycho – Alfred Hitchcock
The General – Buster Keaton
Pather Panchali – Satyajit Ray
Some Like It Hot – Billy Wilder

Mirror – Andrei Tarkovsky
Fanny and Alexander – Ingmar Bergman
City Lights – Charles Chaplin
La Grande Illusion – Jean Renoir
Les Enfants du Paradis – Marcel Carné
Andrei Roublev – Andrei Tarkovsky
The Seventh Seal – Ingmar Bergman
The Apartment – Billy Wilder
Au Hasard Balthazar – Robert Bresson
Taxi Driver – Martin Scorsese

Apocalypse Now – Francis Ford Coppola
Casablanca – Michael Curtiz
The Third Man – Carol Reed
Ugetsu Monogatari – Kenji Mizoguchi
Le Mépris – Jean-Luc Godard
Chinatown – Roman Polanski
Metropolis – Fritz Lang
Ivan the Terrible – Sergei Eisenstein
Intolerance – D.W. Griffith
M – Fritz Lang

Ordet – Carl Dreyer
Wild Strawberries – Ingmar Bergman
The 400 Blows – Francois Truffaut
Modern Times – Charles Chaplin
The Story of the Late Chrysanthemums – Kenji Mizoguchi
On the Waterfront – Elia Kazan
La Strada – Federico Fellini
North by Northwest – Alfred Hitchcock
Persona – Ingmar Bergman
The Conformist – Bernardo Bertolucci

Amarcord – Federico Fellini
Barry Lyndon – Stanley Kubrick
Greed – Eric von Stroheim
Napoléon – Abel Gance
The Gold Rush – Charles Chaplin
Man with a Movie Camera – Dziga Vertov
L’Age d’Or – Luis Buñuel
The Wizard of Oz – Victor Fleming
The Magnificent Ambersons – Orson Welles
Rear Window – Alfred Hitchcock

Sweet Smell of Success – Alexander Mackendrick
Pickpocket – Robert Bresson
Rio Bravo – Howard Hawks
Last Year at Marienbad – Alain Resnais
The Battle of Algiers – Gillo Pontecorvo
Once Upon a Time in the West – Sergio Leone
The Wild Bunch – Sam Peckinpah
Nashville – Robert Altman
Blade Runner – Ridley Scott
Pulp Fiction – Quentin Tarantino

Ikiru – Akira Kurosawa
Voyage to Italy – Roberto Rossellini
The Night of the Hunter – Charles Laughton
The Leopard – Luchino Visconti
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance – John Ford
Viridiana – Luis Buñuel
Sansho Dayu – Kenji Mizoguchi
A Clockwork Orange – Stanley Kubrick
The Travelling Players – Theo Angelopoulos
Ran – Akira Kurosawa

Dekalog – Krzysztof Kieslowski
A City of Sadness – Hsiao-hsien Hou
GoodFellas – Martin Scorsese
Nosferatu – F.W. Murnau
Sherlock Jr. – Buster Keaton
Gone with the Wind – Victor Fleming
Stagecoach – John Ford
The Grapes of Wrath – John Ford
His Girl Friday – Howard Hawks
The Lady Eve – Preston Sturges

Double Indemnity – Billy Wilder
It’s a Wonderful Life – Frank Capra
A Matter of Life and Death – Powell, Pressburger
My Darling Clementine – John Ford
Notorious – Alfred Hitchcock
Black Narcissus – Michael Powell, Emric Pressburger
Letter from an Unknown Woman – Max Ophuls
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre -John Huston
El – Luis Buñuel

Madame de… – Max Ophuls
World of Apu – Satyajit Ray
Vivre sa Vie – Jean-Luc Godard
The Gospel According to St. Matthew – Pier Paolo Pasolini
Pierrot le Fou – Jean-Luc Godard
Chimes at Midnight – Orson Welles
2 or 3 Things I Know about Her – Jean-Luc Godard
McCabe & Mrs. Miller – Robert Altman
Don’t Look Now – Nicolas Roeg
L’Argent- Robert Bresson

Shoah – Claude Lanzmann
Once upon a Time in America – Sergio Leone
Blue Velvet – David Lynch
Three Colours: Blue – Krzysztof Kieslowski
Breaking the Waves – Lars von Trier




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