List of Writings

En Español

At Sea (Hutton, 2007)

Video Games

Old is New and New is Old

Majora’s Mask


Books Read During 2009

On Pale Fire

The Dream of the Heroes, Bioy Casares

Nobel Sabato


Police, Adjective (2009)

Manoel on the Island of Marvels (1984)

Sound in Diabel (1972) and Invasión (1969)

Diabel (1972)

Wavelength (Snow, 1967)

Jour de Fête (Tati, 1949)

Mother (Naruse, 1952)

Best of the Aughts (with extended discussion on Watkins’ La Commune)

In the City of Sylvia

The Secret in Their Eyes

The Crime of Monsieur Lange

Lady in the Water

On Top of the Whale and Tale of Tales

Gone Baby Gone

On Lengthy Films

Colors (The Adventures of Robin Hood)

Comedy? Argentine-Style?

Favorite Seventy-Five Films, April 2009

Combined Sight and Sound Top 100 (or so)


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