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Guido Pellegrini (@beaucine) has been writing about film in Spanish and English for more than 10 years. Born in Spain to Argentine parents, he grew up in California, where he majored in English. Guido now lives in Buenos Aires, where he completed a master’s degree in journalism. He likes to bridge his different cultural traditions in both thought and on the digital page. His work has appeared in The Daily Bruin, The House Next Door, Next Projection, Sound on Sight, Playtime Magazine, Olfa Magazine, and A Sala Llena.


2 responses

7 04 2009
The Wanderer

I see you Beau.

9 11 2010

love your writing in the nausicaa review. gorgeous. if you have not read the 7 mangas, check them out-the story and world and timelessness and presence expands exponentially, highly rewarding. and beautiful.

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